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Will Trump Sign a Paper Tiger Trade Deal With China?

Posted March 06, 2019

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Kenneth Rapoza – Fortune)

What does a weak trade deal with China look like?

Impossible-to-enforce commitments like guaranteeing that China will buy up all those Iowa soybeans, as they said, instead of the ones growing in Mato Grosso, Brazil. And allowing Americans to win a case now and then against their Chinese counterparts in mainland China in the country’s new IP court. For starters, that’s a simple example of a bad deal.

A “great deal” would depend on almost full capitulation by Xi Jinping. A near reversal of Communist Party industrial policy commitments, for starters, and a legal framework everyone agrees is on par with the Western world’s intellectual property laws.

Some of the Trump administration’s China hit list will miss the mark.

There is no way China’s state-owned enterprises (SOE) are going to stop supporting favored industries, especially in their Made in 2025 technology policy plan. Why would China give up this new industrial policy so the U.S. can stay ahead of them in things like robotics, artificial intelligence and the beloved 5G Washington keeps talking about? Where is the incentive for China to step back on that? Click here to read more.