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Xi’s Move to Slap North Korea Buys Time with Trump on Trade

Posted August 07, 2017

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Bloomberg News)

Xi Jinping appears to again be back in Donald Trump’s good graces – at least for now.

Last week, it looked as if the leaders of the world’s biggest economies were on a collision course. North Korea’s second intercontinental ballistic missile test in a matter of weeks prompted Trump to lash out at China on Twitter, and a few days later came reports that his administration was getting ready to take steps that could lead to a trade war.

That all changed with a breakthrough at the United Nations on Saturday. After a month of talks, the U.S. and China agreed on sanctions that would cut North Korea’s exports by a third, punish some of its biggest companies and cap the number of its citizens working in other countries at current levels. Click here to read more.

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