Why GHY?

GHY prioritizes maintaining excellent compliance with Customs to prevent costly penalties, ensuring clients’ reporting systems are secure. We invest in skilled staff for superior client service, boasting a dedicated team and experienced Client Care Managers. Our integrity-based approach emphasizes 24/7 support, proactive compliance, and technology-driven solutions for streamlined trade activities.

Our Values


First-Rate Compliance Profile with Customs.

Helping our clients avoid costly penalties for non-compliance by Customs and Regulatory agencies is our priority. Safeguarding our clients’ reporting systems and processes protect against costly financial penalties and ensure they maintain a first-rate compliance profile with Customs.

  • 100% of entries processed are reviewed or executed by one of our Trade Specialists with a Designation, Certification or License in Customs Brokerage

  • Adherence to mutually agreed upon Standard Operating Procedures

  • Automated Quality Checks tailored to meet importer’s unique business needs


Industry Leaders & Experts.

People are at the core of our purpose and we are client obsessed. GHY continuously invests in its people, to maintain a nurturing culture of growth, support and continuous improvement. Providing the best in industry to our +2500 clients is paramount.

  • Training and educational support is accomplished through a variety of industry, professional, and proprietary methods

  • GHY is an industry leader in the ratio of licensed and customs designated associates

  • Our clients are handled by one dedicated Team, with a single point of contact in your Client Care Manager

  • Our Client Care Managers are able to answer your needs with an average 20 years experience in customs


Relationships are Long Term.

GHY is a fourth generation, family owned and managed business. Our clients become a part of our family and we measure our success by their success. Our job is to help transform opportunities into a competitive advantage to enhance your trade operations and increase your bottom-line.

As a trade partner of ours, we always ensure:

  • 24/7 support, we’re always a phone call or email away

  • Do what we say and say what we do

  • Proactive compliance with Customs

  • Risk management

  • Reduce costs

  • Streamlined trade activities


Integrated. Reliable. Customized.

Our robust web-based technologies provide access to complimentary and customizable tools for Trade Documentation, Shipment Tracking, Reporting/Analytics and Payment. We offer additional tools to streamline your trade activities and ensure compliance:

  • Business Intelligence Dashboard and Trade Reporting Tool

  • Integrated Document Management and Imaging

  • Gateway Reporting

  • EDI Solutions

  • GHY Classify for Tariff Classification

  • Section 301 Search Tool to Find Product Exclusions

We bring value in moments of truth; timely release, compliance, education with ideas and solutions through meaningful dialogue and connecting to our clients’ business processes.

Our Service Model

As a One Border One Broker™, we bring the entire world of trade into your hands so that you can manage your international shipments with ease.

Meet our Leadership Team!

GHY’s Leadership Team are always available to support our clients.


Clients are the reason we exist.

We CARE about making it happen for them at each and every touch point – managing transactions every day, being responsive to questions, providing insight and ideas, and stepping up at moments of truth that are business critical.

Associates matter.

We CARE about our people. We care about their well-being by encouraging a healthy work-life balance, providing opportunities for continuous learning, and ensuring all our teams are resourced so they can do the job right every time.

Relentlessly serving traders.

We CARE about creative ways to drive innovation and most importantly, to know and understand our clients and their needs while adapting our shared knowledge to help them succeed in global trade.

Excellence in all we do.

We CARE about creative ways to drive innovation and most importantly, to know and understand our clients and their needs while adapting our shared knowledge to help them succeed in global trade.

Who We Are

Over 120 Years. Four Generations. One Border.
Our Vision

To be One Border, One Broker™ for North America Importers

Before computers and the Internet, before the Wright brothers’ first flight at Kitty Hawk, even before the first North American automobile, George Henry Young founded GHY to unbind the chains of supply and help traders prosper.

Be Our Partner in Trade