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Wherever your travelling, be sure to take your GHY Blue Guy with you. Take a picture, upload it to us with your information, and we will post it on our ‘Where in the world is our Blue Guy” Google Map!

Trade Updates

We’re more than just a customs broker – we’re knowledge leaders. Stay compliant with Customs, and save on your bottom line with recent trade updates.

SNI Podcast x GHY feat. Chris Bachinski

GHY teamed up with Source Nutraceutical for their latest Podcast, featuring our Co-CEO and President, Chris Bachinski. Find out interesting facts about tariff engineering and how having an expert on your side could save you money and much more! Watch here.

Canada Customs Latest SIMA Updates [Feb 12]

CBSA receives re-investgation request on transformers from Korea, and reviews normal values of certain upholstered seating exported from China. Find out all the details you need to know here.

CARM – Concerns on Implementation in May 2024

Did you know only 25% of importers are registered on the CARM portal? Kim Campbell of IE Canada goes on record to detail to the Standing Committee on International Trade the concerns and implications of CARM's full implementation in May 2024. Watch the video excerpt here.


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