Securing the Supply Chain: CBP Focuses First on Cybersecurity with New Guidance

Trade Update • April 27, 2023

he U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has recently released a new guidance document on cyber-attacks aimed at helping companies in the supply chain improve their cybersecurity measures. The document provides practical advice on how to prevent, protect, respond and recover from cyber-attacks, with a focus on protecting critical infrastructure.

Cyber-attacks have become a growing concern for businesses and governments alike, recent high-profile attacks on companies highlight the need for improved cybersecurity measures. The supply chain is particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks, given the complexity of the network and the large number of interconnected devices and systems involved.

“Preparing for a disaster means thinking about the worst things that could happen, or even things that are just disruptive, and having a plan in place to handle each of those scenarios,” said Office of Trade’s Executive Assistant Commissioner AnnMarie R. Highsmith during her opening remarks at the tabletop exercise. “The time for preparedness is now.”

The Cyber Incident Guidance can be viewed/downloaded here.

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