CBP Proposes Additional Data Fields to Entry Summary Form 7501

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Trade Update • April 20, 2023

.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has proposed revisions to Form 7501, the entry summary form, and is currently accepting comments on the proposed changes until June 20th, 2023.

Form 7501 is used to identify merchandise entering the commerce of the United States, and to document the amount of duty and/or tax paid. CBP Form 7501 is submitted by the importer, or the importer’s agent, for each import transaction. The data on this form is used by CBP as a record of the import transaction; to collect the proper duty, taxes, certifications, and enforcement information; and to provide data to the U.S. Census Bureau for statistical purposes. CBP Form 7501 must be filed within 10 working days from the time of entry of merchandise into the United States.

New Required Data Fields

CBP is proposing to add new required data fields to Form 7501, including:

  • For certain Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) classifications of steel imports, the country where the steel used in the manufacture of the product was melted and poured; the country where the steel used in the manufacture of the product was melted and poured applies to the original location where the raw steel is first produced in a steel- making furnace in a liquid state; and then poured into its first solid shape.
  • For certain HTS classifications of aluminum imports, the countries where the largest and second largest volume of primary aluminum used in the manufacture of the imported aluminum product was smelted; and the country where the aluminum used in the imported aluminum product was most recently cast. The fields requiring identification of the countries where the largest volume of primary aluminum used in the manufacture of the product was smelted applies to the country where the largest volume of new aluminum metal is produced from alumina (or aluminum oxide) by the electrolytic Hall-Heroult process. Importers may be required to report if primary aluminum from specific countries is used in the imported aluminum product, if required by law and/or Presidential Proclamation.
  • Importers will be required to report on the Form 7501 the steel country of melt and pour and aluminum countries of smelt and cast for imports under those steel and aluminum HTS classifications subject to the Commerce Department’s steel and aluminum import license applications, and where applicable, the Section 232 steel and aluminum measures.

The Form 7501 data is used by CBP to determine, when imports are entered for consumption, the proper amount of duties, applicable fees, taxes, and imports subject to quota. These data fields are also required to enforce the tariff rate quotas for imported steel and aluminum established under Section 232.

Have Your Say – Submit Your Comments

Written comments and/or suggestions regarding the item(s) contained in this notice must include the OMB Control Number 1651–0022 in the subject line and the agency name. You can submit your comments by June 20th, 2023 via email: CBP_ PRA@cbp.dhs.gov

Questions about the these proposed changes, and/or how to submit your comments? We are always here to help, contact us.


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