CBSA Proposed Regulations for PAHs in Sealant Products

Trade Update • March 23, 2023

he Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has proposed new regulations for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in sealant products. PAHs are a group of chemicals that can be found in coal tar and petroleum products. These chemicals have been linked to a range of health issues, including cancer and developmental problems.

The proposed regulations are part of a larger effort by the Canadian government to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals in consumer products. The CBSA has stated that the proposed regulations are necessary to protect the health of Canadians and the environment.

Application and Exceptions

The regulations would apply to the manufacture or import of any pavement and roofing sealant product with a total PAH content above 1000 ppm, other than Coal Tar-Based Sealant Products, as they are proposed to be prohibited.

Exemptions for goods in transit for export will be considered for these Regulations as these products are unlikely to pose environmental or health risks in Canada given transport safety regulations.

The CBSA has stated that it expects the proposed regulations to have a minimal impact on industry, as most sealant products already meet the proposed requirements. However, the regulations would provide a clear standard for all sealant products, which would make it easier for importers, manufacturers, and retailers to comply with Canadian regulations.

Comment Period

The proposed Regulations will be published in Canada Gazette, Part I and be followed by a public comment period, in the summer of 2023. They will cover both coal tars and PAHs in pavement and roofing sealant products. The CBSA has stated that it will take into account all feedback received during the comment period before finalizing the regulations. The final Regulations would then be published in Canada Gazette Part II in the Fall of 2024.

Questions about the these proposed regulations, and if your products are affected? We are always here to help, contact us.


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