GHY International Appointment: Chris Bachinski Named Co-CEO

Rick + Chris

Rick Riess (Left), Chris Bachinski (Right)

Annoucnement • December 6, 2023

innipeg, MB – GHY International, a distinguished leader in the customs brokerage industry with a legacy spanning over a century in Canada and more than a quarter century in the US, proudly announces a pivotal leadership transition. Over the years, GHY has cultivated a brand promise of excellence, deeply embedded in the organizational culture of CARE.

Rick Riess, Owner, Board Chair and Co-CEO of GHY International, expresses heartfelt gratitude to all Associates and the Leadership team for their contributions, upholding the highest standards of integrity and hard work crucial for success in today’s challenging times. Recognizing the foundation laid by predecessors, GHY International stands ready to navigate the future.

Since assuming the role of President in 2017, Chris Bachinski has demonstrated energetic leadership aligned with the core values and high standards defining GHY’s identity as one of North America’s largest privately held customs brokers and trade advisory firms.

Rick Riess articulates: “Leadership is about addressing current challenges while cultivating opportunities for the future. It gives me great pleasure to acknowledge and appoint Chris Bachinski to the role of Co-CEO, sharing this responsibility as we move forward.”

This elevation acknowledges Chris Bachinski’s growing profile as a leader, advocate, and board member within the industry and various trade, business, and government groups. “While maintaining a focus on our customs brokerage field, Chris aims to expand the value proposition in the trade community and ensure the delivery of value to clients through engaged and effective leadership,” affirms Rick Riess.

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