Importing Fresh Bell Peppers from Spain Prohibited

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Trade Update • January 10, 2023

he Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has prohibited importing fresh bell peppers (Capsicum annuum) from Spain into the United States to prevent the introduction of the Mediterranean fruit fly (Medfly) as of December 29, 2022. Medfly poses an unacceptable risk to the U.S. since they have an extensive host range and can reproduce quickly. APHIS has also prohibited overland in-bond transit movements of these materials south of 39° latitude and west of 104° longitude.

This action comes in response to multiple Medfly detections during CBP inspections of commercial consignments of fresh bell peppers from Spain. The prohibition will remain in place until APHIS investigates and determines that importing commercial consignments of fresh bell peppers from Spain does not pose a risk to U.S. agriculture.

This Federal Order does not apply to the following Capsicum species:

  • Capsicum baccatum L. var. baccatum
  • Capsicum chinense
  • Capsicum frutescens

Phytosanitary Certificate

It is important to note that listing the genus name only is not acceptable. APHIS requires the phytosanitary certificate accompanying each consignment of fresh pepper for consumption from Spain to include the full botanical name (genus and species) of the pepper in the consignment.

Questions about whether or not your imports are affected and/or how to navigate APHIS requirements? Please contact us, we’re here to help.


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