Navigating Carrier/Courier Invoice Value Challenges with Your Customs Broker

Navigating Carrier/Courier Invoice Value Challenges with Your Customs Broker
Trade Update • Sept 14, 2023

id you know that customs brokers frequently encounter challenges when dealing with commercial invoices issued by carriers/couriers for importers aka their clients? These invoices often fail to accurately represent the actual total amount paid by the importer. To address this issue effectively, it is crucial for both customs brokers and importers to collaborate efficiently.

The Importer’s Pivotal Role

Given the substantial volume of shipments, it is often impractical for a customs broker to scrutinize each shipment’s provided commercial invoice from the carrier/courier. This is where importers play a pivotal role. Importers should ensure that their carrier/courier is providing both them and their customs broker with accurate total values as reflected in the commercial invoices. Timely reporting to their customs broker of any discrepancies noticed in carrier/courier invoicing value(s) is vital, especially when potential Customs audits loom on the horizon.

What Action Can Importers Take?

One primary action that importers can take to mitigate incorrect values on carrier/courier invoices is to supply their customs broker with the original invoices received from their suppliers/vendors for each shipment. These original invoices serve as crucial documentation, enabling the customs broker to verify the accurate total value of the imported goods.

By maintaining transparent communication and sharing accurate documentation, customs brokers and importers can collaboratively streamline the clearance process, mitigating potential issues stemming from inaccurate invoicing.

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