New Requirements for Canadian Dairy Exports to Europe

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Trade Update • NOVEMBER 15, 2021

Effective January 15, 2022 exporters of food and animal commodities destined for the European Union will be required to use updated export certificates through TRACES NT, the European Commission’s online platform for sanitary and phytosanitary certification.

As part of an early adoption approach to better prepare food exporting companies for the transition, effective November 15, 2021, all dairy exports to the EU will be required to use the new certificates in TRACES NT.

Why This is Happening

A new European Commission Animal Health Law came into force on April 21, 2021, setting out detailed requirements concerning the movement of animals and their products, including the certification required to effect their entry into the EU. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has since reviewed the updated legislation and changes to the EU’s requirements for food and animal export, a summary of which is available here.


Trade Control and Expert System New Technology (TRACES NT), is the European Commissions online platform for sanitary and phytosanitary certification required for the importation of animals, animal products, food and feed of non-animal origin and plants into the European Union, and the intra-EU trade and EU exports of animals and certain animal products.

Today, TRACES is used in about 90 countries, with more than 55,000 users worldwide for the issuance of sanitary and phytosanitary certificates and other documents required by the EU.

Registering with TRACES

Information about creating an EU TRACES login account and profile can be found here and here.

Prior to activation, new accounts must also first be validated by the CFIA. Exporters should send their account details for this purpose via e-mail to the CFIA TRACES Administrator containing the following information:

  • Company name (exactly as it appears in TRACES NT) together with the full name of the individual making the request.
  • Identifiers associated with the company name in TRACES NT, if any are listed.
  • If enrolled in My CFIA, include the party name and PR number as they appear in My CFIA (these can be found under party administration on your dashboard)
  • If not enrolled in My CFIA, include the company name as it appears on any EU eligibility list.

You will receive an e-mail notification once your account has been granted access.


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