New Requirements for Exporting Agri-Food Products to the EU

European Union TRACES System for Ag Imports

Trade Update • DECEMBER 1, 2021

Effective January 15, 2022, exporters of food and animal commodities destined for the European Union will be required to use updated export certificates called for by the EU’s new Animal Health Law that was implemented earlier this year.

Export certificates must be accessed through the web-based Trade Control and Expert System New Technology (TRACES NT), which serves as the EU’s e-certification system in this regard.

Preparing for the EU’s New Export Requirements

Don’t wait until next year to get started. Setting up an EU TRACES NT login account and user access profile today is strongly recommended as it will ensure that all your clearance documents contain accurate business information, thereby decreasing the risk of border clearance delays.

Create an EU TRACES login account | EU TRACES login page
Complete and accurate business information is important, as this will be the official account and this information will be listed on your clearance documents.

Create an EU user access profile | TRACES NT login page
For helpful information visit the guidance for creating new operators in the system (part of the access profile steps). Please review in advance of completing the steps to ensure duplicate accounts are avoided.

Validate Your Account
To request activation (aka validation) of your account in TRACES NT, contact the appropriate Central Competent Authority. In Canada, this is the Canadian Food Inspection Service and in the United States, the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Validation is required before you can begin to use TRACES NT.

Additional Resources

Should you have any questions about these new requirements, don’t hesitate to contact our Global Trade Services team.


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