Webinar – Importing 101: Canada and USA


Whether you’re a new or experienced importer, this webinar is for you. We’ll be sharing everything you need to know about what your responsibilities are, how to ensure compliance with Customs, and exploring cost savings opportunities. This session will provide an overview of step-by-step process of importing into Canada and the USA, tariff classification of your goods, and document requirements. We’ll be discussing self-audits that ensure compliance, trade agreements that benefit you, and client/broker relations. Register today!

Exporting to the U.S.? Legal and Customs Issues for Canadian Ag Manufacturers


Expand Your Business into the USA. For many Canadian agricultural manufacturers, the complications of exporting to the U.S. can be overwhelming. This webinar, we will take you through a dynamic case study that explores the legal and customs challenges an agricultural equipment manufacturer may encounter when exporting to the U.S. Register today!

Duty Recovery


Assess your eligibility for duty recovery and turn overpaid customs to business savings. If you’re importing goods to the USA or Canada, chances are you could have paid too much in duties. Our Global Trade Services (GTS) team can help determine if you’re entitled to a refund on paid import duties and recover that money for you. After all, who wouldn’t want to turn their hard-earned dollars into savings or even reinvest them in the business?

Statement of Account


How to access your account balance with the CBSA? Are CBSA credits available to your organization? We detail how you can access your Statement of Account (SOA) in a couple of easy steps. Get set-up today!



This is the go-to resource for CARM updates - find out all the ever changing details on the largest initiative by CBSA that will affect ALL importers.

Importing a Vehicle


Everything you need to know about Canada’s Non-Resident Importer program and how it can help foreign companies looking to expand their business in the Canadian market.

Customs Bond


Many importers are facing questions like; "how do I qualify for duty and tax deferral?" and/or "is it necessary obtain a Canada Customs Bond, if I don't have one"? We provide the answers and solutions.