U.S. to Impose Tariffs on Tin Mill Steel from Canada, China, Germany

Steelworker in Mill (Photo courtesy of U.S. Steel Corporation)
Trade Update • August 18, 2023

n a recent decision, the U.S. Commerce Department has announced preliminary anti-dumping duties on imports of tin-plated steel from Canada, Germany, China. This move aims to address unfair trade practices and ensure a level playing field in the market. The decision also has implications for the domestic industry and consumer prices.

Key Points

  1. Antidumping Duties: The U.S. Commerce Department has initiated preliminary anti-dumping duties on tin-plated steel imports from certain countries, namely Canada, Germany, and China. These duties are intended to counter the practice of selling these products in the U.S. market at unfairly low prices, which can harm domestic producers.
  2. Duties by Country: The preliminary duties vary by country. The highest preliminary anti-dumping duties of 122.5% have been imposed on tin mill steel imported from China. For tin mill imports from German producers, including Thyssenkrupp, the duties are set at 7.02%. Imports from Canadian producers, including ArcelorMittal, will face duties of 5.29%.
  3. Exemptions: Notably, imports of tin-plated steel from several other countries, namely Britain, the Netherlands, South Korea, Taiwan, and Turkey, will not be subject to these preliminary anti-dumping duties. The decision takes into consideration factors such as cooperation in the investigation and independence from government influence.
  4. Impact on Industry: The decision has implications for both the domestic steel industry and consumers. U.S. steelmakers have raised concerns about the effects of higher import duties on the industry, including potential cost increases. The decision seeks to balance the interests of domestic producers and consumers.
  5. Trade Dynamics: The case was initiated following a petition from a U.S. steelmaker, Cleveland-Cliffs, citing foreign dumping in the tin-plate sector. The investigation aims to ensure fair competition and protect U.S. industries from unfair trade practices.
  6. Upcoming Steps: The Commerce Department will continue its investigation, conducting in-person audits to verify the information provided by the companies involved. Parties will have the opportunity to comment on the preliminary determinations before final decisions are made.
  7. Final Determinations: The final determinations are expected to be announced on different dates. The final determination for China is scheduled for October 31, 2023, and for other countries, it is estimated to be announced around January 8, 2024.

The U.S. Commerce Department’s decision to impose preliminary anti-dumping duties on tin-plated steel imports from Canada, Germany, and China underscores its commitment to fair trade practices. While the move aims to protect domestic industries, it also acknowledges the potential impact on consumers and the broader market. The ongoing investigation and subsequent determinations will provide further clarity on the future of these duties and their implications for the industry and consumers.

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