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Statement of Account (SOA)

Simplifying access to your Statement of Account for better visibility over your Account Balance

Last Updated April 25, 2021

The CBSA uses an account-based model to track and reconcile importers’ duties, taxes, and payments. As an importer, it’s crucial that you have access to and full view of your own account balance. We’ve made it easy for you to get your importer Statement of Account (SOA) through our easy sign-up process and user-friendly dashboard.

What is your Statement of Account (SOA)?

Your Statement of Account (SOA) is your balance with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). There are two versions of the SOA: an Importer SOA and Broker SOA. If you work with a customs broker, you’ve probably been using their SOA to view your account balance, transactions, and applicable fees associated with imports into Canada. According to the CBSA, less than 10% of businesses have access to their importer SOA.

Note: The CBSA recommends that importers sign up to access their monthly importer SOA before Release 1 of CARM.

Why you need to sign up for your Importer SOA?

The Importer Statement of Account (SOA) provides an accurate overview of your account balance and better insights into your trade activities. You will need to answer questions based on information from your SOA while registering on the CARM Client Portal (CCP).

What will the SOA and DN provide?

With the introduction of CARM, the Daily Notice (DN) and Statement of Account (SOA) will replace importers daily and monthly K84 account statements. The DN will contain your transactional details, while the SOA will provide an overall summary of your duties and taxes.

What the CBSA has to say about SOA

In this video, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) provides an overview of what you need to know about your Importer Statement of Account (SOA).

Hear from CBSA Officials:

What we at GHY have to say about SOA

In this video, GHY Executive VP Al Dewar explains why you need to access your Importer Statement of Account (SOA), and potential credits, and how you can apply for access in 5 easy steps.

Hear from GHY International:

How to Apply for Importer SOA Access

To gain access to your importer Statement of Account (SOA), all you need to do is fill our secure SOA application form below. If you have an issues please contact us by email:

Your SOA Dashboard

GHY International is an approved ARL Third Party Service Provider by the CBSA. Using the latest technologies and User Experience (UX) best practices, we’ve designed an easy-to-use platform to view and download your Importer Statement of Account (SOA).

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