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Trade Updates

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CFIA Standard Container Sizes Removed – AIRS to be Updated

July 28th, 2022|Canada Customs, Other Government Agencies/Depts., Trade Compliance|

Standard container sizes were recently removed for some foods as a result of the Food Product Innovation initiative. AIRS will be updated to reflect this change. In the meantime, here are the important steps affected importers need to take if receiving a rejection notice from the IID system for a missing ministerial exemption.

Find CFIA Permits, Licenses and Approval Information Easier with New Web Tool

July 18th, 2022|Canada Customs, Other Government Agencies/Depts., Trade Compliance|

Tired not being able to locate or access your CFIA permits, licences and approvals? Good news, CFIA have launched a new web tool: the Permissions Finder to help you find your information/documents easier. This tool helps businesses and individuals find the information they need when conducting import, export or domestic activity with food, plants or animals in Canada. Find out all the details and access here.

USDA Warns Importers on Incomplete or Incorrect Import Data

July 12th, 2022|Other Government Agencies/Depts., Trade Compliance|

Importer of plant and animal products? APHIS, has warned importers of submitting incorrect or incomplete data pertaining to Licenses, Permits, Certificates or Other (LPCO) — specifically in the PG13 and PG14 lines of the APHIS core message set. Find out everything you need to know to stay compliant, and ensure your goods can be imported without issue.

Advance Notice to EPA Required to Import 20 Chemicals

July 4th, 2022|Other Government Agencies/Depts., Trade Compliance, U.S. Customs|

Importers and manufacturers will soon be required to notify the EPA before importing, manufacturing, or processing any of 20 chemical substances for an activity designated as a significant new use. Find out all important details on dates of implementation, notification requirements, chemical substances affected and much more here.

Updated: Importer Operational Guidance on China’s Uyghur Forced Labor Import Ban – Entity List Now Available

June 20th, 2022|International Trade Issues, Other Government Agencies/Depts., Trade Compliance, U.S. Customs|

Updated - UFLPA's Entity List now available. Will your business be affected by the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act? Find out the details on a newly released operational guide for importers to help to assist in preparing for the implementation of a ban on goods from forced labor regions, which goes into effect on June 21, 2022.


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